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FCC Skills Induction 1: How To Setup A Fast Fold Screen
FCC Skills Induction 2: Par Cans with wieland setup.
FCC Skills Induction 3: Gaffer Taping.
FCC Skills Induction 4: Setup Multiple lights.
FCC Skills Induction 5: Truck loading/unloading.
FCC Skills Induction 6: Moving Light Fixtures.
FCC Skills Induction 7: Assembling Truss.
FCC Skills Induction 8: Inserting a gel into a gel frame.
FCC Skills Induction 9: Simple Generic Lighting Setup
FCC Skills Induction 10: Rolling leads.


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I've spent about an hour doing this video tutorial and im pretty sure i have tried all 73728 combinations available and i still seem to be stuffing this up.. please help.

I got stuck on this one for a long time too - the last question is a trick, there is only one "deliberate mistake" (that the weiland was taped to the bottom truss). If you only tick that option in the last question all the others are answered directly in the clip. FYI there are other vids that have the same trick question about 2 deliberate mistakes.

There are a few that have found that particular video challenging. Mr Crowe is right in that all the answers are in the video save the two deliberate mistakes.
Either one of the two will do, or both.

I am finding Video 2 very difficult and cannot pass it. I would like to move onto other videos. Help!

The questions are a little out of sink with the video and there is quite a lot of information here.

Nonetheless all the answers are in there. Save the deliberate mistakes, but from the other comments above, the validation on that question can be fooled it seems. @TODO.

Are there any particular questions that are confusing?

Surely the answer to 'what is connected to the wieland cable at the lighting fixture end' should be 'tails', and 'what is connected at power source end?' should be 'a header'...? The quiz has both of these answers the other way around..!
So no wonder, combined with the odd final question that asks for two answers but there's really only one, that it took about half an hour of stuffing about and changing my answers (which were all originally correct) to get the computer to pass me to the next level..! Thank goodness for these comments which gave me some clues as to how to solve it. The questions/answers need rewriting.

Hi Craig,
We have it on good authority that the questions in the quiz are correct.
But, to avoid confusion for those looking for answers in these comments. A set of headers attach at the lighting fixture (bar end). The tails attach at the power source (rack end). This terminology should not be confused with rack headers, which actually refers to the tails.

Also as stated previously, the final question does have two answers. If only one on these answers is selected, this will work as well.

Hope that helps.

there is not much that can be done about the video, but in the video they've been mentioned as fernells and on the test they come up as fernal, which stumped me at first because I've because from what i understand, it's supposed to be Fresnel.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention that fresnel has been spelt incorrectly. It is not an easy fix as it is hard coded into the video module written by the developer. Sorry for the confusion.

I am having real trouble getting past this video, I notice that nobody else has brought it up. sailed through the first 4. I am sure all my answers are correct, do I need to re-load the page? I have spent an hour, watched it five or six times. Are you all sure that the answer matrix is correct?

Hi, I cracked this, it is the question about the four person lift, the answer is from the bottom near the corners and not as it says in the video "each person take a corner"